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Chemical Free, Human Friendly Cleaning.

Reduced Business Costs - How?

Sophisticated cleaning planning software helps us reduce cleaning hours, therefore cleaning costs, while maintaining high cleaning standards.

Negotiating the best possible Utility contracts

Reduced Sick Leave through chemical free cleaning products, assisting with the killing of viruses and germs

Reduce Your Health Risks - How?

Specialist chemical free cleaning products that are fit for human consumption, while assisting with the killing of viruses and germs.

Make You Look Good - How?

Specialist green cleaning methodology reduces your business’s Carbon Footprint, enhancing your public and customer image.

A clean building creates good first impressions to visitors and customers.

Reduce Your Security Risks - How?

All our staff are security checked and English speaking.

A Time & Attendance system only accessible by authorised staff.

Pro-Active Service - How?

Our Time & Attendance system notifies us if a staff member is not at your building at the scheduled time.

A dedicated Operations Manager conducts pre-scheduled monthly cleaning checks and visits.